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“Slavia” in UEFA’s Intertoto Cup

UEFA’s summer competition “Intertoto” is created in 1961. The first six “editions” of the tournament are played by the principle of elimination that ends with a final match which determines the winner of the Intertoto Cup.

Afterwards, for twenty eight years the competition is played by the group principle. The participating teams are divided into groups by four, and the games are played by the principle “everyone against each other” on mutual visits. The team that is first after its six matches receives a sum of money from the prize fund which differs during the years, as well as a commemorative cup. Also since 1995 the competition grants three quotas for participation in the first round of the tournament for The UEFA Cup. Now the official name of the competition is “UEFA Intertoto Cup”. Now the teams play by the new system: direct elimination in two matches. Having realized the importance of the tournament, in the summer of 2006 the European Head Office in Nion decided eleven clubs to get a “green pass” for the first obstacle of the UEFA Cup. Two years later was the last “edition” of the competition.

The Bulgarian participation in the competition is of long standing and tradition. It begins in 1964. A total of seventeen of our own clubs have taken part in the summer tournament Intertoto. “Slavia” and “Spartak” (Varna) are the teams that have participated most. Both of the teams have taken part seven times but the “whites” lead in the total balance, having played a total of 42 matches while “Spartak” (Varna) only 28.    

What is more, from all the Bulgarian teams “Slavia” has achieved most in UEFA’s tournament Intertoto. The “whites” have most victories – eighteen, and are the most “effective” team having 61 accurate hits. 



 “Slavia” played seven times in UEFA’s Intertoto and achieved the following results:


YearOpponent   Result       


                  1977  "HamburgerSV" (Germany) 3:0 and3:2

                  "Grasshoppers"(Switzerland) 2:1 and4:1

"Malmö" (Sweden) 1:0 and0:3

“Slavia” is first in the group

1978"Veijle" (Denmark) 2:0 and1:1

"Kalmar" (Sweden) 4:1 and1:1

"Herta" (Germany) 1:1 and0:3 (forfeit)

“Slavia” is second in the group, after “Herta”

1979"Chenoa" (Switzerland) 2:0 and2:2

"Lask" (Austria) 4:1 and4:0

"Zbrojovka " (Brno) 2:0 and1:3

“Slavia” is second in the group, after “Zbrojovka

1980"Elfsborg" (Sweden) 2:1 and0:1

                    "Bochum" (Germany) 2:0 and1:4

                    "Napredak" (Krusevac) 3:2and0:0

 “Slavia” is second in the group, after “Elfsborg

1983"Young Boys" (Switzerland) 0:1 and0:1

"Slavia" (Prague) 2:1 and0:5

"Brøndby" (Denmark) 3:1 and0:0

“Slavia” is fourth in the group

                  1988 "Göteborg" (Sweden) 0:2 and1:2

                  "Sigma" (Olomouc) 3:1 and1:2

"Aarau" (Switzerland) 2:1 and1:1

 “Slavia” is third in the group, after “Göteborg” and “Sigma”

1990"Bochum" (Germany) 1:1 and0:1

"Tirol" (Austria) 0:2 and1:4

"Sankt Gallen" (Switzerland) 0:2 and1:2

“Slavia” is fourth in the group

Note: In every entry above the first result is the one in Bulgaria.      



Participation    Games     Victories     Draws     Losses     Goal Difference

7        42      18      8        16      61:57


Greatest Successes:

Winner of the group:– once– in 1977

Second in the group:- 3 times–in 1978, 1979 и 1980


 “Slavia”’s balance distributed by countries is as follows:


Country         Matches  Victories  Draws      Losses        G/D


Switzerland 10 4 2 4 14-11
Germany 8 3 2 3 11-12
Sweden 8 3 1 4 9-11
Czech Republic 6 3 0 3 9-12
Denmark  4 2 2 0 6-2
Austria  4 2 0 2 9-7
Serbia  2 1 1 0 3-2
All 42 18 8 16 61-57 

  Note: The results are arranged on the basis of played games and achieved results against the respective country. The countries are written in their modern names.   












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